White Clincher

This lame white clincher is your for RM10. Its lame because i cant use it. I just dont have the cleavage of a perfect clincher wearer.

Imitation Channel Belt

White in color. Not authentic. Diamonte. Like new. RM13
Psst: This is not a clincher. ;P

The Stripy Shirt

This long sleeves shirt has cute pink buttons. S size, RM15.
Now RM12!

The Shirt [Pink]

Nothing to comment here. S to small M size, to let go for RM10.

The East India Cardigan

This mini cardigan is made of high quality cotton. Really nice for casual wear. It is only at RM15. Size XS/S
Now RM12!

Imitation Guess Long Tee

This long tee with sexy sleeves is perfect for a sexy night out a.k.a hot party! pair it with you glam shorts, you will be the night crowd's attention. Grab this top at RM35 only. Suits girls with size S. (this top is brand new)
Now RM28!